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Replacement Parts

My food processor isn’t working quite right.    The plunger no longer moves smoothly in its sleeve, and so grating potatoes is a hit or miss proposition.

The problem might be with the lid, which has a design flaw such that when it was sitting in the dish drainer and I inadvertently dropped a heavy cast iron pot on top of it, a couple of pieces of plastic broke off.  The problem could also be with the plunger, which looks a bit bent from having been pushed repeatedly into a broken lid.

My Internet search for replacement parts for the Cuisinart DFP-14N yields valuable information:   it is not a Lid and a Plunger that I seek, but a Work Bowl Cover and a Large Pusher!  But the Internet does not yield an actual DFP-14N replacement Work Bowl Cover, nor does it yield a DFP-14N Large Pusher.  There is a Work Bowl Cover for the DFP-14BCNY, which sounds promising:   maybe my DFP-14N is a subset of the broader designation DFP-14BCNY, if one accepts the hypothesis that my food processor is compatible with any replacement parts labelled DFP-14*N*, where * can be filled by any string of alphanumeric characters (including the null set).  

 But Amazon does not accept this hypothesis.   Amazon thinks, instead, that my food processor is compatible with the DLC-017BGTX Work Bowl Cover.  

As for a replacement Large Pusher Assembly, my choice is limited to the DLC-2014-PN1, the DLC2014P-1, or the promisingly-monikered DLC-118BGTX-1, which might go nicely with my new DLC-017BGTX Work Bowl Cover with Large Food Tube, on the theory that the DLC-017BGTX is compatible with any parts labeled DLC-*1*BGTX, where * can be replaced by any string of alphanumeric characters (including the null set).  

But Amazon craps all over this hypothesis a second time.   So I order the DLC-017BGTX Work Bowl Cover, eschewing Large Pusher Assemblies for the time being, and hope for the best.

My left shoulder isn’t working quite right.  It has a design flaw such that when I slip on the ice, fall down a short flight of stairs, and land directly on it, the shoulder no longer moves smoothly in its socket, and so grating potatoes is a hit or miss proposition.

I would like to order a new rotator cuff, so I search the Internet.   I am intrigued by the options!   But I am not sure about compatibility with the LG1965:

 I am intrigued by the possibility of ordering replacement parts for the Oval Office.   Its current occupant, POTUS-DT-2016, has several design flaws:

Overall, I was much more satisfied with the previous model, POTUS-BHO-2008/2012.   But the Internet tells me that the previous model is no longer on the market.

Apparently Oval Office replacement parts are unlikely to be available prior to 2020.   And on the off chance that they should be, the choice will be limited to the VPOTUS-MP-2016, which may have design flaws of its own:

 I am considering ordering replacement parts for this box of chocolates:

It has a design flaw such that when I eat the chocolate, the box becomes empty.

The Internet offers many options for replacement chocolates.   But after considering the implications of freight charges per kg., I decide to go with a DIY approach.



I am sorry to report that the DLC-017BGTX Work Bowl Cover does not, in the end, turn out to be compatible with the Cuisinart DFP-14N.   Instead I plan to order a CTG-00-BG:

Which, I expect, will work perfectly -- once I install that new rotator in the LG1965.


From Bea MacDonald | On April 30, 2018 @07:54 am
Hi, Laurie! Please add my email to your recipient list. You always hit the mark with your humor and bright perspective! Good luck with your rotator cuff repair and the new grater! Bea
From Regina D'Amico | On April 09, 2018 @09:41 am
You did it again, you funny, funny lady!

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